Better health outcomes for your chronic care patients

  • 80% of care management happens alone.
    Quantified Care gives your members and providers innovative tools to better manage chronic conditions outside of medical facilities.

Tools to Help Patients Better Manage their Health

Smartphones are part of our daily lives and have become powerful, convenient data collection tools. The days of expensive, single-use “monitors” are a thing of the past. Now all that’s needed is a mobile phone and the Quantified Care platform.

Daily Reminders

Multi-channel reminders help keep patients on track.


Real-time feedback keeps patients focused on key indicators.

Med Compliance

Tracking and logs ensure that prescribed medications are being taken.

Easily Record Vitals

We make it easy to record vitals through integrations with hundreds of connected devices.

Stay in touch with an extended team in-between visits

  • Monitor Progress

    As patients engage and capture quantitative as well as qualitative data outside the clinical system, physicians and care teams can see how patients are doing in real-time, for the first time.

  • Secure Two Way Communication

    These physicians and care teams also have the ability to directly communicate with patients whether though real-time messaging, custom outreach, or scheduled educational messages and tips.

  • Alerts + Reminders

    When indicators show that patients are heading in the wrong direction physicians and care teams as well as family members and friends can receive alerts. Patients are also notified when there is need for physician intervention.

Rich Data that Delivers Dynamic Patient Insights

In addition to collecting vitals and compliance data directly from patients, the Quantified Care platform can easily connect with other data sources to gain a more complete picture of a patient’s health using the latest machine learning techniques.

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Prescriptions
  • Claims Data
  • Consumer Behavioral Data
  • Additional Data Sources

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One Platform, Endless Applications

Single use, point solutions are not sustainable for large healthcare organizations. That’s why we built an agile system that allows you to quickly add custom condition-specific modules so that each patient, no matter the use case, can have the tools and support they need to compliment their plan of care.


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